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Platform – Development

July 5, 2016


Read the following article –

Interesting, Java tops the Chart!!!

Though there are several theories on best programming languages, personally i feel, it all depends on the team. What they are good at – what they have been using?

Have worked with teams using Java, PHP, .NET, C/C++, Jython. Few years back, we did multiple PoCs for shortlisting the stack for development. After few weeks of study, it boiled down to the existing platform.

We can add new frameworks and tools, but changing the platform altogether is a game changer and it needs lot of effort and conviction.

Few pointers to shortlist a platform for development

  1. Team
  2. Platform – Ecosystem

It is not only the developing the application / framework or others. It boils down to the productivity and sustenance.

These rankings also influence the availability of programmers in the market.

Over a period of time, every development team needs to reinvent the way they work. Look into the new set of tools which can boost their productivity and remove unwanted code.





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