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Running Scala

February 23, 2015

As mentioned earlier, using the Scala – IDE for running the program. But how we can run it from the command line was the question and using the following steps, one can run their Scala program. Please note, the following sequence needs Scala-IDE! In the following example, i’m casbah for MongoDB!

Following is the package structure of the firstTrial project.


Click on the export in the File menu and following window will be displayed



Use the jar file and set the classpath.

Set classpath=h:\mongo-java-driver-2.13.0.jar;h:\slf4j-api-1.7.10.jar;h:\slf4j-log4j12-1.7.10.jar;h:\log4j-1.2.17.jar;h:\log4j-core-2.1.jar;h:\scala-library-2.11.5.jar;h:\json4s-core_2.11-3.2.11.jar;h:\paranamer-2.5.6.jar;h:\json4s-native_2.11-3.2.11.jar;h:\casbah-commons_2.11-2.8.0.jar;h:\casbah-core_2.11-2.8.0.jar;h:\casbah-gridfs_2.11-2.8.0.jar;h:\casbah-query_2.11-2.8.0.jar;C:\Users\Jagannathan\Downloads\scala-library.jar;C:\Users\Jagannathan\Desktop\firstTrial.jar;%CLASSPATH%;.

Run the program as

Java com.jagan.myscala.package

You will get the output!

Will write more details in the next post.

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