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Walking to the past…..

June 21, 2012

Today, we have completed 10 years of marriage and entering into the 11th year. Yes, a decade long …. !

The another milestone is am going to complete 14 years in the IT industry (Corporate life). There are several ups and downs which needs a biography (?).

Small Successes

  • Doing a project in NAL, Bangalore under the guidance Dr. Pedar on testing tool for C++!
  • Joining Daimler Benz Research Centre India, Bangalore as a consultant
    • Names which i cannot forget : Dr. Seshu, Dr. Krishna, Mr. Srikanth, Mr. Ranga, Dr. Kannan and many others
  • Joining PTC R&D India Limited, Pune as as Software Engineer
    • Bedford Travel
    • Minneapolis Travel
  • Travel to Portland
  • Joining Talisma, the responsibilities and the taste of Success and failure!
  • Joining Socgen
    • Wonderful colleagues – Mike, Ashok, Harsha, Philippe, Fabrice, Nicholas and many others


  • Got H1B in 2000 and was not able to travel to US due to the downturn. This could be a small success as well. I need to have a ‘sliding door’ to find out ‘what if’?
  • Not able to implement the learning’s at the right time.
  • In 2006, once again got a change to travel to US and missed it due to family reasons!
  • Missing better chances considering the other option as the best one! (Somethings cannot be explicit 🙂 )
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