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Going forward (Cloud)!

May 18, 2012

I believe i read the following somewhere.

“There is nothing new which is getting created, it is the same old thing which gets new package / identity”.

Today we had a very good discussion @ office. The topic started with cloud and related ones.

The interesting one which came across was, we need to travel back to the old C / C++ days where we were trying to optimize on the Hard Disk Space, Processing power, RAM, Network etc.,

The reason for this one is very simple, most of the vendors would do a complex calculation using these as some of the parameters to charge their customers.

Till now, most of the software engineers are not bothered about the CPU cycles, storage requirements and others when the application is constructed. I believe cloud would put a brake on this approach and one has to think lot of parameters to minimize the cost of deployment / maintenance / usage of applications on Cloud.

One of my Colleague, Deepak Kerur gave the example of Digital Electricity meters. Even a slight consumption will be observed and calculated.

So, the decision is ours to go back to optimize our application to run faster, and costs lesser for the application provider which in turn would earn lot of profits.

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