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Telecom Licenses Cancellation

February 3, 2012

Most of the people would have heard about 122 licenses has been cancelled and what is this for the common man?

I would see till these licenses are resold to someone for a HIGHER price

  • The subscription price would go up as other vendors will raise the price to get additional income
  • The call drops will raise as the customer base for the existing vendors raise (Profit for Vendors….)
  • The recent subscribers would land up buying new SIM card (We need to look into the number portability policy)
  • Telecom employees losing their jobs as there is no one to hire them till those licenses are auctioned once again

In the nutshell, get ready to pay more and we cannot boast to everyone that “Telecom prices” are very less in India!

Let’s wait and watch!!!!!  or “Call Less”… Good that we are once again going back 🙂

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