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Bing / MS Translator API – Java Wrapper

December 16, 2011

One of my colleague wanted to know about the Google Translator API. Later we found that it is a paid service and it is not available for testing either.

Then, we bounced on this Java Wrapper. MS / Bing Translator API is a paid service. Used the subscription license to test the sample.

Steps to follow

Following are the steps one has to follow to use the MS / BING Translator API.

  • Create a new application at –
  • You need to have live id to create an application
  • Once the application is created, you will get an application ID. Store this, it is needed for the JAVA application
  • Get the latest JAR file from the Maven Repo using







import com.memetix.mst.language.Language;

import com.memetix.mst.translate.Translate;

public class MicrosoftTranslatorTest {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Translate.setKey(“ID From STEP-3 here”);

String french2English = Translate.execute(“Quel est votre nom”,
Language.FRENCH, Language.ENGLISH);

String english2Spanish = Translate.execute(“Welcome…”,
Language.ENGLISH, Language.SPANISH);




  • And here are the translated texts
  • What is your name
  • Bienvenidos…
  • Languages Supported as of now
  • Language AUTO_DETECT
  • Language ARABIC
  • Language BULGARIAN
  • Language CZECH
  • Language DANISH
  • Language DUTCH
  • Language ENGLISH
  • Language ESTONIAN
  • Language FINNISH
  • Language FRENCH
  • Language GERMAN
  • Language GREEK
  • Language HATIAN_CREOLE
  • Language HEBREW
  • Language HUNGARIAN
  • Language INDONESIAN
  • Language ITALIAN
  • Language JAPANESE
  • Language KOREAN
  • Language LATVIAN
  • Language LITHUANIAN
  • Language NORWEGIAN
  • Language POLISH
  • Language PORTUGUESE
  • Language ROMANIAN
  • Language RUSSIAN
  • Language SLOVAK
  • Language SLOVENIAN
  • Language SPANISH
  • Language SWEDISH
  • Language THAI
  • Language TURKISH
  • Language UKRANIAN
  • Language VIETNAMESE


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