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Random Thoughts – Nostalgic

December 13, 2011

Today got a spark and wanted to write the following. My travel time to office helped me to pen it down.
Our EGMP-16 batch had a get together last Saturday and really a nice gathering where we were able to find more about others. There was some allotted to just convey our thoughts.
I wanted to speak about our current environmental issues. On Friday, was chatting with one of friend about farming. The final outcome of the conversation which lasted for almost 30 mins was ‘even if everyone from IT or any other sector leave their job and take up farming, we don’t have infrastructure in terms of land to cultivate and mainly water’. We can produce anything in the world and i personally feel that we lack creating water.
Added to that, the recent statistics on the borewells which are being drilled are at alarming rate in Bangalore.
The greediness of the human being is shown not only for getting wealth, it is shown in destroying the environment and by doing this, we are digging the grave for ourselves.
One thing which i don’t understand is what we are going to do with the money when there is nothing for us to drink and eat? Let’s assume what will happen if the Government tells that the water level is alarmingly low and hence we will not be able to supply water to the city?
Have we ever thought that we will be buying water? It is a common practice now and going forward nobody will drink water if it is not a bottled one. A strange and unwelcoming reality. For people who are 30+ will understand this one better.
Ask a millionaire, he wants to become a billionaire and it is spread across the society. We can accept that they are creating wealth for their children. But what is the reality? We can have fat/obese bank balances, but what is the quality of life we are giving them for the future. A disturbed, spoiled environment and they have to buy everything from water to everything paying hefty amounts.
I believe, we should take this as a wake up call and listen to the nature. Please spread this message and do your bit to save a better life for your children. We are working hard to give a better future to them. Hope this helps.


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