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Once again – Nostalgic

December 13, 2011

After a very looooooooong time, pulled out some time to start the scribbling.
I believe we left the discussion related to SCM tools.

Though worked on four different SCM tools (Clearcase, VSS, CVS, Perforce), i felt like writing the experiences about these…..

CVS – The first SCM tool i have used when i was not aware of the concept of SCM.
This tool is very easy to use (No VOBs or Jazzy stuff).
Recently got the opportunity of doing administration as well and it is pretty good.
I feel there are so many features which normally go unused due to the limited knowledge available around. (Checkout the Subversion). Also check CVS on Web as well.

Clearcase – No words to describe, very good tool if you have multisite!!!!!
Amazing tool from Rational (IBM now).
I like the tool for the XTree which is too good to see your entire tree….. I have very little knowledge when it comes to the Windows (Most of the work were done on Solaris).

Perforce – Very handy and there are no VOBs and it is quite intutive to work.
Since we were using this tool on Linux without XServers, was not able to explore much on this tool.

VSS – Tool from Microsoft. If the project is small and doesn’t have a multisite access. Very easy to learn……..

Let me see about penning the experiences particularly problems faced and how it was rectified/patched :o)


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