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Tech Trends

December 7, 2011

Many of us would have seen lot of activities on the following

  • Cloud
  • Tablet PCs / Handheld Devices
  • JVM Alternate Languages
  • Big Data

I have been following the first three items regularly and even thought that these are the technologies which are going to be “The” things for the future. Unfortunately, “Cloud” has been pushed by most of the industry experts to the last item as the industry is not matured enough to adopt this technology due to the security concerns. And, the industry is slowly moving towards the “Hybrid” and “Private” Clouds and Private clouds are the frontrunners in this league.

But I had to add “Big Data” into the scheme of my own shortlist as data is very abundant today. Consider India as an example, we have lot of data, but most of them are on the non-digitized mode. Since in most the places, computerization is happening, there are volumes of data, which gets pumped into the system regularly. I used to get Zapped by the volume of data, Indian Railways generate a day and they need to keep the data live atleast 100 days (the reservation can be done 90 days ahead). So, going forward, the data needs to be stored, sliced, diced and what not to get a meaningful output from them and i personally feel that there would be lot of opportunities ahead. Aadhaar is another example of handling “Big Data”.

Tablet PCs / Handheld Devices

  1. Apple iOS
  2. Android
  3. Blackberry
  4. Symbian OS
  5. Windows Mobile
  6. Samsung BADA
  7. Palm

These are some of the platforms (i can recall immediately) which one can use to develop applications on the Handheld devices. Since Android is opensource, the adaptation is higher than others.

The other way to measure the “famous” is the amount of malware / virus in the system 🙂

Check this to know the details – McAfee: Android Phones on Top of Malware Hit List, Q3 Report Reveals Threats on the Rise

To be continued….

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