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First day @ PTC – Nostalgic

December 6, 2011


Still i remember that day (16th August 1999).
For the first time, travelling in a train for more than 20 hours and crossed Bangalore also.
Till that time, Bangalore was the north most place i visited!

CAD RM welcomed us aboard and the joining formalities was over by 11 in the morning and there was a short introduction about the CADDS5 product.

All the concepts and Q&A’s went over my head. I was not able to understand as it is not my field of study (Explicit/Parametric/Orthogonal etc.,)

After Lunch i was asked to meet a manager from PDM/PLM solutions.
He gave a short intro and asked me, “do you know UNIX”?
The answer was “Yes with most of the sound not coming out of my mouth”.

He asked me, you can go and use the system in that Cubicle.
Later i found the “atharna” which was with me for 4.5 years.
The one good thing we had here is naming the Systems like ajinkya, atharna… etc.,
Felt like calling your friend / one nearer to you…..

Atharna is a Solaris Box which i saw for the first time in my life……
I can’t pen down the reaction which i had when i saw a 21 inches monitor and Solaris/Sparc machine.

This machine has helped me learn lot of things in Unix, Solaris in Particular.
I became very nostalgic, hence planning to sleep to rewind all those happenings which are very near to my heart….

So, till i wake up…… byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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