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1998-99 A Beginner – Nostalgic

December 6, 2011

To start with, lemme recollect my memories of doing programming atleast 7 years back!

I was in a place called DCRCI, Infantry Road, Bangalore doing an Instrumentation project for a Stuttgart company….

The tool we used is called LabWindows which was absolutely new to me…
LabWindows is a great tool to express your UI in terms of Components like Pressure Gauge/Thermometer or anyother thing. I believe i have explored only this feature.

Apart from this, learnt the first steps in the SCM where i was using CVS as the CM tool.

I believe one has to learn from the mistakes only. A similar incidence happened to me during the execution of the project. I forgot to check-in the changes to CVS, unfortunately, there was a virus attack which erased C, C++ programs alone.

Since we were writing C routines, all the changes done by me on that particular day was lost.
From that day onwards, keeping the backup in a secured place / Checking – in the file at the end of the day (making sure that it is not affecting the build).

There are so many learnings happened on the SCM front using ClearCase, Perforce and VSS.

We will see those in the forthcoming postings!!!!!

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