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Liberum – Help Desk

June 27, 2011

On Friday, had the opportunity to install / configure Liberum for one of my friend and found it very easy to install and use…..

There were couple of speed breaks for which we had to spend some time. The total time taken to finish off is around an hour which includes downloading and other config changes.

The issue -1. Please make sure the IIS configuration to the following.

Enable ASP

Enable ASP

Config for Admin pages to Work

Admin Pages

Since CDONTS was not working, we edited the public.asp and changed the “Case 1” to the following

Case 1
DIM strIncomingMailServer, objCDOSYSMail, objCDOSYSCon
‘Create the e-mail server object
strIncomingMailServer = Cfg(cnnDB, “SMTPServer”)
Set objCDOSYSMail = Server.CreateObject(“CDO.Message”)
Set objCDOSYSCon = Server.CreateObject (“CDO.Configuration”)

‘Set and update fields properties
With objCDOSYSCon

‘Out going SMTP server
.Fields(“”) = strIncomingMailServer
‘SMTP port
.Fields(“”)  = 25
‘CDO Port
.Fields(“”) = 2
.Fields(“”) = 60
End With

‘Update the CDOSYS Configuration
Set objCDOSYSMail.Configuration = objCDOSYSCon

With objCDOSYSMail
.From = Cfg(cnnDB, “HDName”) & ” <” & Cfg(cnnDB, “HDReply”) & “>”
.To = strToAddr
.Subject = strSubject
‘.HTMLBody = strBody ‘Set the e-mail body format (HTMLBody=HTML TextBody=Plain)
.TextBody = strBody
‘Send the e-mail
If NOT strIncomingMailServer = “” Then .Send
End with

‘Close the server mail object
Set objCDOSYSMail = Nothing

And you have a ticketing system for you!!!!

Note – By default, it uses the Access Database.

The settings can be changed in setting.asp.

‘ Database Information

‘ Database Type
‘ 1 – SQL Server with SQL security (set SQLUser/SQLPass)
‘ 2 – SQL Server with integrated security
‘ 3 – Access Database (set AccessPath)
‘ 4 – DSN (An ODBC DataSource) (set DSN_Name)

Application(“DBType”) = 3

Hope this helps.


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